6 Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is not uncommon, and many people experience it. It’s anxiety triggered by social situations, ranging from attending parties to public speaking, performing on stage, or making phone calls. If you suffer from social anxiety, it can seriously impede your growth. Here are some ways to overcome it:

Seek Help

The first step if you suspect you have social anxiety disorder is to seek professional help for a formal diagnosis. Talking with a therapist can make a significant difference, helping you understand the causes of your anxiety in social situations.

Find Triggers

Anxiety usually has a cause, known as a trigger. When you suddenly feel anxious, it’s often due to a trigger. The major step towards overcoming social anxiety is identifying these triggers and altering your reaction to them.

Break the Negative Thought Pattern

A negative thought pattern regarding social interactions can make you anxious and negatively affect your self-perception. It’s crucial to examine the types of thoughts that arise when you think of social situations and their potential outcomes. Question why you think this way and whether your concerns are realistic or a result of assuming the worst.

Try Relaxation Methods

When anxiety strikes, use relaxation methods to calm down. Breathing exercises like square breathing or progressive muscle relaxation can have immediate effects. Meditation, aromatherapy, and listening to music can also help keep anxiety at bay.

Expose Yourself to Social Situations

For a lasting solution, gradually expose yourself to social situations that induce anxiety. Exposure therapy is effective for treating anxiety, so gradual exposure will help you manage your feelings. It’s a lengthy process but highly effective.

Practice Acting Confident

Confidence is key to overcoming the awkwardness that often leads to social anxiety. For those with social anxiety, confidence doesn’t come naturally, making it important to practice acting confidently to confront social situations.

Be Gentle and Patient with Yourself

Being gentle and patient with yourself is vital. Understand that overcoming social anxiety is a gradual process that requires patience. Being self-critical only hinders progress. Instead, focus on taking small steps forward.

Bottom Line

Feeling nervous about things like interacting with new people or being the center of attention is normal. It becomes problematic when anxiety starts to disrupt your daily life. Implementing some of these strategies can significantly aid you in overcoming social anxiety.